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A Vintage Fashion Gem

GlitterflyApparel1With the ’70s making a huge comeback in fashion, I couldn’t help but let you all in on a little secret. Sure, I love to shop the best vintage shops, but I always long for new vintage inspired pieces too. I finally found a designer that embellishes amazing vintage apparel and creates brilliant new vintage inspired designs as well. At last, the best of both! The fashion label is known as Glitter Fly Apparel and the super creative designer is Noelle Wagner. She has taken luxurious fabrics and turned them into one of a kind attire. I have fallen in love with the designers balance of strong yet feminine looks. Two collections that must be seen are “For the Birds” which has sweet Spring looks and the “Wall Flower” collection which has dazzling looks that can be worn year round.   I have found everything from whimsy Spring dresses to sophisticated  cocktail dresses. If you are looking for something no one else will have, you must check out Glitter Fly Apparel. Stay tuned for a full blog writeup dedicated to Glitter Fly Apparel in the near future!

Happy Friday!!

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