imageI always knew I would be in the wonderful world of fashion. As soon as I was old enough to work, I started working at the mall. I spent every penny I earned (and then some) to buy the hot items I was selling on the floor that week. I loved chatting with the customers, I took my favorite item(s) to everyone in the fitting rooms and making my shift sales goal was a piece of cake! It was easy because I loved my job and had fun doing it. My career in fashion took many twists and turns through my school years and after.  Eventually,  I landed an amazing opportunity with a high fashion luxury brand. I knew fashion, but now I was in the world of runway! Amazing! I wanted every piece of every runway collection. I would stay late to merchandise the store and try on new collections as they arrived. Yes, I admit, I was obsessed with fashion. Then my career took another twist…I continued to manage my boutique and became a Regional Field Trainer for the company. Not only was I able to talk to clients about the amazing product, now I would train new managers and store teams. For this fashionista, it was a total dream come true. Then life took a twist…I fell in love, married and now have two beautiful children. I continued my dream job for a few more years and then decided to take a break to care for my family. I took a couple of years off and now I am back in the fashion world as a Freelance Stylist. In addition to styling, I have started Chic Splendor- a fun fashion & beauty blog. I am not a professional writer, I will simply share my thoughts, my finds and my favorites. Look for surprising beauty tips, new designers, fashion website links and more!

Chic Splendor Facebook page in the works!

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